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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Last week we had a few days in the Hague in Holland, to visit a friend and see the band Underworld. Booked before Christmas, for our wedding anniversary and my birthday we were a bit uncertain as to whether we would be able to go, as it came in the middle of my next treatment, but they kindly moved it, and off we went. A beautiful city  the weather was kind to us and we wandered it's lovely streets and ate and drank the atmosphere.

Harry who has been before is always waxing lyrical about the street kibbeling and  yes it was gorgeous. Fresh pieces of cod deep fried in a thin crispy batter with a mayonnaise tartar sauce dip. Delicious.

On Tuesday evening we went to see Underworld at the Tivoli in Utrecht, they were amazing, what a great night. Couldn't believe the lead singer is now 60.

We didn't get to see the tulips in Amsterdam but the crocus in the Hague were just as beautiful.

This weeks makes have included some new Scandi design oilcloths.

Spring around the corner I'm back making school uniform (to order) 

chemo update.

Back from Holland on Thursday and straight from Gatwick to Torbay Hospital for a pre chemo blood test. Friday was my second treatment and luckily before it was set up I realised I had mixed up my tablets and had been taking sickness tablets instead of steroids. 

Number one rule, no steroids, no chemo (I felt so stupid) but as always they were very understanding, so on Friday I was given the steroids and one part of the treatment (which isn't steroid necessary) then went back in on Saturday for the chemo. For seven days after treatment I'm now having an injection into my stomach to boost my neutrophils to stop the problems I had with the first one. As these are done at home I've delegated them to Harry who is doing a great job.

Last week Harry shaved off my hair to a number 4 as I was shedding everywhere. I've enjoyed experimenting with new headwear and also not having to bother with styling and straightening. I'm now officially bold, and it's not that bad.

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