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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Have to face it, there's no denying it any longer, Christmas 2016 is just around the corner. I've Christmas shopped with my Mum, I've also shopped on line (with a glass of wine) I've done my first Christmas Fair and the calendar is filling up with the usual carol concerts and Christmas plays. I've been posting a new  Alternative  Christmas over on my My Sister Mabel - Facebook Page

Still finding time for some wintery walks

cold grey sea

and the end of the Autumn leaves

and beach all to ourselves

new makes this week are these Bella and Mabel bags.

Love this combination of black and white Christmas trees and polka dot sleeves.

I've loved making these sparkly hair accessories for the fairs

and these bib and burb cloth sets 

Back in the 80's, I loved the 2Tone scene (and still do.) Being slightly too young to go to concerts back then, I never got to see any of the bands live, until this Friday when I saw The Beat at the Exeter Phoenix.  Danced all night, they were fantastic!

Saturday Bella and I spent the day at the Bishopsteignton Christmas Festival which takes place in a barn on Humber Farm. It was cold, but very festive( I even had my first mulled wine of the season)it was a very successful day.

Dare I say it, I think I'm liking this "Christmas Thing"

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


 It was a week for replacing electrical items that I couldn't live without, the dishwasher and my sewing machine. There was a few days of living without the dishwasher, and as a family we decided to do the dishes the old way, the four of us in the kitchen sharing the washing and drying. Disaster! Bickering, broken glasses and general disharmony. Was I glad to see the dishwasher arrive on Sunday? My sewing machine, old and over used decided it was time to rest and so a new one was bought.  An expensive but happy week.

This Weeks Makes

Love this Anorak fox fabric with it's Autumnal colours

A small piece of this cherry fabric made just three dresses. One I pre-sold and the other two sold straight away. Because of the nature of my fabrics I don't know if I'll ever come across it again.

This week the temperature definitely dropped a few degrees and there was no getting away from it Winter was here, (not my favourite season.) Having dropped off Mabel at school I decided to get the ferry back over the river. Sitting on the beach pretty much on my own, I had a very calming reflective moment. The water was like glass, there was a slight mist over the river and there was a tide line of Autumn leaves. Very peaceful.

Still loving making these towelling backed bibs. This little group are all made with vintage fabrics.

These are a mixture of Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely and others

New bags included these red and a white stag print 

Walking to school with Mabel in the morning, with the wind biting our cheeks, the low Winter sun was still rising in the sky. I had one of those WOW! moments. 

This week we tried another of Exeter's new restaurants Turtle Bay 
Loved it, and will definitely be back for more. 

Another new line for My Sister Mabel are these double sided kids aprons. Inspired by a cooking loving Mabel who has been wearing her dads oversized apron, she asked me to make her one of her own, and then I just kept on making.

We ended the week with a stroll along the beach with friends. Ness beach has the added fun of being accessed only through this old smugglers tunnel.

A little Winter rainbow.


Sunday, 30 October 2016


This week we were back at Bristol Childrens Hospital for Mabel's cardiac cath. procedure. It all thankfully went well, and Mabel ended up having her stent expanded by 2mm. We were kept in overnight for observation and discharged in the morning. I always find these stays a draining experience, not only for your own child, but for the children and parents on the ward who are much less fortunate than we are.

Back in time for Bella's 12th birthday. It's been a milestone of a year, with starting secondary school. So proud of her achievements 
We thought we deserved a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate, not
 only Bella's birthday, but Mabel's health.

Would love to know what she's wishing for in this photo.

Love these Anorak fabrics I used this week to make some dresses.

Preparing for Christmas Fairs, I've been using up some of my pieces of fabrics, more drawstring bags 

and some towelling backed bibs

Love the traditional Autumn colours, but also the colours around the river as the sun tries to get through the clouds. What a perfect view to have while having a quick drink before heading home.

I have the only two children I know who don't like Halloween, they've never done trick or treat or wanted to get dressed up. We did get over to Hannahs Seale Hayne for their Pumpkin Trail though.

Spent a day at Bristol Science Museum great interactive museum, with lots to do, we all really enjoyed the day.

And now half terms over it's back to school. Can't believe that the next time they break up is for Christmas! Not forgetting we have Mabel's birthday before that.

Monday, 17 October 2016


This weeks makes included these dresses made with cute Honey Bee fabric.

and I've finally got around to getting some new personalised labels made.

Love this Anorak Kissing Squirrels fabric. 

and it's that time again, when Christmas and Christmas Fairs are not too far away. I've been using up some of my mountain of left over fabric pieces, and I've started making some little towelling backed bibs.  Never worked with towelling before....it's ALL over the house!

This week we were up at Bristol Children's Hospital for a pre-admission clinic. Mabel is due for a procedure next week called a cardiac catheter. This will allow them to assess her stent with the outlook of either doing 1. Nothing 2. Expanding it 3. Placing another one inside the existing one. 
As always it's the unknown that we fear.  Mabel, as always is taking it in her stride and sees it as a nice day off school.

Our nearest city Exeter, has just opened a few new chain restaurants and on Friday we sampled the delights of Comptoir Bazaar a new Lebanese, Delicious! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The week began with a party on Saturday, enjoyed by us, and our friends. Lots of fun, dancing, a fabulous rum punch and some vodka soaked jelly babies and a 4am finish.

I haven't made these capes for a while. Love the fact you can put them over anything and POW! instant superhero.

and other makes this week. Dapper Dogs 

and a some more apron dresses in black and white pinstripe, grey and white pinstripe and a grey check. 

The week finished with a visit to Killerton House a National Trust property near Exeter. Amazing blue skies for October.

Lovely house, small and liveable. I could actually imagine us living in it.

Lovely front door and hallway

Mabel looking at home

Great Christmas table.

Beautiful gardens.

Family portraits

The house makes its own cider and has 50 acres of apple orchards.  At this time of year, they pick the apples for next years cider, with an annual festival taking place (in two weeks time) to celebrate this years cider making.

 We spent a good hour in the sunshine picking apples, we even got to sample the apple juice (not the alcoholic type)

Next years cider

After a really enjoyable Sunday, we came home and joined the National Trust, and Mabel announced that when she grows up she wants to be a farmer!