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Monday, 6 March 2017


This weeks dresses included these vintage Star Wars - Return of the Jedi fabric lined pinafores.  I had a piece of this fabric back last year in a sandy colour, but I'm loving the red and am always amazed at how vibrant the colours remain after all these years.  

This is a new style dress for the Summer, and it's perfect for contrasting pieces of fabric.  These are made with a black and fabric showing buildings that remind my of holidays in Greece and the top of the dresses is red and white Cath Kidston 

chemo update.

Last week I started my first chemotherapy session, all went well until a few days later I got the most terrible acne, I now know was caused by the steroids.  On Wednesday my temperature went up (although I felt ok) and I was omitted to hospital with neutropenic sepsis. I have spent 6 days in hospital 4 of them confined to my room being given intravenous antibiotics. Finally everything has got back to normal and I'm ok leave. Having flagged up my weaknesses on the first one, I'm now armed with all the relevant medication to eliminate them from the second one on 17th March.  The care and commitment shown in hospital never ceases to amaze me. Our National Health Service is truly amazing. 

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