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Friday, 10 February 2017


I could never have predicted the start of this year, funnily enough it didn't feature in my plans, but it's happened, and I'll deal with it. Breast Cancer. After my yearly mammogram, and this year an MRI scan I was asked back for a biopsy on a lump that can't even be felt, and a week later got the news. I was understandably blown away at first and didn't know how I was going to deal with what I have ahead, but as the days passed, I've got my head around it and feel more positive (not denying I have the odd wobble.) I feel ready, with the help of my friends and family to face this. A few days after my diagnosis I had the terrible news from one of my best friends that her 16 year old daughter had been diagnosed with leukemia, (what a start to the year)  The first of my six chemotherapy sessions begins on Tuesday 21st Feb. 
Let the battle begin!

Life goes on and so does My Sister Mabel and our lovely new dresses.

Scandinavian apple print short sleeve dresses

Love this beach hut fabric  and the new drop sleeve dress design

Red cherries and cream

Cath Kidston polka dot cotton top with blue and white star fabric denim

 The Queen Of Hearts 

Upcycled Black Cherry Fabric

Continuing the fruit theme The Strawberry Dress.

all available on the website My Sister Mabel

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