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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Although the days are very short, the skies have been stunning.  After a day indoors we took a stroll out along the seafront, this was the sky at 4.30

The girls attend a weekly theatre group and their end of year production was a great collaboration of Roald Dahl and The Christmas Carol.....Brilliant!

Christmas shopping virtually over, Mabel and I caught the train to Exeter with friends to see According To Arthur at The Barnfield Theatre, with lots to see on route, including birds of prey and limbo dancers.

As the end of the year draws close I always like to take a moment to thank all my customers old and new and to make a little montage of happy customer photos.

Christmas wasn't even here, and we were already trying to revive our wilting tree, taking off all the decorations and lights and chopping the end off of the trunk in the hope it would take in more water and pick up......I'm not sure it's worked. Note to self:- don't buy Christmas tree before 15th Dec next year.

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