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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Very proud of Bella this week, when she won the Yr6 Youth Speaks competition run by The Rotary Club, with her speech on oranges.

With sports day already cancelled once due to the bad weather, we were lucky on Monday, when the sun shone and it was able to go ahead. The blue team (which the girls are in) won the day.
Losers........well that had to be the day we lost the vote to  remain in Europe, and Brexit won by a very small majority. There hasn't been a lot to be positive about since, just a lot of lies, politicians resigning, and the exchange rate plummeting (just before we go on holiday)I hope it all works out for the sake of the girls, trying to stay optimistic, but I have a feeling its going to take a long long time.

School Book Day saw Mabel dress as The Cat In The Hat 

she then proceeded to walk home along the beach, on the ferry and a quick stop at the pub, still dressed up as The Cat In The Hat.

New makes this week included some new upcycled Marvel Comic fabric dresses

and some Paddington Bear dresses

and some ladies dresses and a top

I've also been making these little bags from scraps of fabric I had left over from my dresses, and they've been very popular.

This week we started a Summer Sale. There's 25% OFF over on the website, so there's lots of bargains!

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