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Sunday, 27 September 2015


This week began with a trip to London to pick up my Mum and Dad from Gatwick. Really happy to be able to go a few days earlier to see friends and have some me time. 

 The first evening was spent at The Dean Street Townhouse

A Stroll through Chinatown on the way 

The following day I took a trip up to the Southbank, and a visit to The Tate Modern to look at the weird and wonderful art followed by a stroll along the river in the sun.
Make of it what you want, "What is art?"

The Thames festival Totally Thames was on for the month of September   so there was plenty to see.

The amazing bubble man

This absolutely terrified me. Sitting in a cage spinning around 100 or so feet in the air.  I can imagine the view was amazing, but I don't think I would have been able to open my eyes.

This was an installation made from plastic strips normally used for doors in hospitals, but these were coloured and because the sun was shining it made this interesting effect.

The evening started with a bottle of champagne with a friend in Kingston, and then off to the Norbiton and Dragon for Thai. 

My last visit was Thursday to eat mountains of cream cakes with friends in Hanwell. Feeling relaxed, full and blessed to have such lovely friends, who (I'd love to see more of.) I headed to the airport and then drove back to Devon.

In contrast to with the city at the beginning of the week. Mabel and I were out on Saturday, after dropping Bella off to ballet for a bit of shopping and cake eating in Totnes. 

Strolling along the Totnes high street in search of cake 

Found it! Anne of Cleves


Waiting for Bella was a great way to enjoy the grounds at Dartington Hall and take in the beginnings of Autumn

Tip toeing through fungi looking for fairies 

Changing colours of the trees showed us that Autumn was definitely on its way. 

New items for this week are these oilcloth Mabel and Bella bags in grey and white stag, and beach stripes.

and these upcycled abstract print long sleeve dresses beautifully modelled by Mabel and another pair of Boden knee high socks

Pop Art style upcycled Spiderman fabric short sleeve dresses 

All available on the website My Sister Mabel 
Running in Lavender
A Cornish Mum

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