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Sunday, 11 October 2015


Definitely seeing the other side of our seaside home.  Gone are the blue sky days, sitting in the sunshine eating ice creams, building sandcastles and body boarding.  We're now wrapped up, watching wild seas under a grey sky.  I know which one I prefer, but still feel very lucky to be watching the seasons change living by the sea. 

With Winter around the corner I've been working on some new hat scarves, fleece dinosaurs, sharks and rabbits lined with contrasting cotton, have left parts of the house looking like something from "Where The Wild Things Are"

Mabel's favourite the dinosaur

The Blue Shark

The grey shark

Tartan dinosaur 

Brown Bunny 

And even something for the Superhero's

Other makes this week are these upcycled skyscraper fabric dresses 

A music theme rang through the house this week with the girls practising their songs for the school Harvest Festival(including one of my favourites "Harvest For The World"). This was also the week that Bella announced that she would like a violin for her upcoming birthday, (not one of my favourite instruments) she's recently been learning it at school.  Back from Teign Music on Saturday with the violin, we have endured the constant, screeching practise all weekend. It can only get better!

These photos capture the differences between the two girls. One with a violin, and a love of classical music the other with a guitar and a Lady Gaga t shirt.

The Autumn theme continues with next weeks makes Autumn spots dresses and fox and polka dot bags 

and I'm trying to perfect a new tunic/dress. Hopefully they will be ready in the next couple of weeks. 

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