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Monday, 31 August 2015


This week has been filled with a little gambling on the pier, making cakes, bike riding, days on the beach, parties on the beach and a music festival.....on the beach so there's been a lot of sand in the bath and all over the house. 

Friends, fish & chips & fun

One of the rare moments the girls have spent a whole day in the sea, which was surprisingly warm. It was mainly cloudy, but the sea and the sky were the same colour so they seemed to merge into one. Beautiful!

Love a bit of gambling on Teignmouth Pier

Cake making (doubling up on everything I think we made too many)

It was then Bella's friends birthday party on the beach. The weather held out and they had an amazing time. Teaming up to play beach games, earning them water bombs for their efforts, which each team collected for a battle at the end.  Brilliant.

At the weekend it was the Teignmouth Music Festival on the back beach. On Sunday evening we went along, the bands, atmosphere and setting were all excellent!
 No sitting on the beach as the tide was abnormally high.

 It was also time to get Mabel back to work, which she took to surprisingly well. At a £1 a shoot she was happy to put some money back into her purse after the holidays.
  We call this dress Bright Clouds & Raindrops (which seems vary appropriate at the moment)

 Skater Girl 

 Always a favourite - Dinosaurs

 The Bug Dress 

Mabel finally had a £1 from the tooth fairy for the loss of her first tooth, and with another three wobbling it's like winning the lottery when your six.

Bella who is nearly 11, is so petite that we recently discovered she fits into my Age 7-8 dresses. Here she is modelling the Brains - Thunderbird pinafore dress complete with Harry's glasses to give her the "Brains look." I can already sense a little sibling modelling rivalry, which will hopefully guarantee me some very good photos going forward.

Running in Lavender
Mummy and Monkeys

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