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Monday, 7 September 2015


Every other day I do this 5k run, which this week I've documented with photos.  This run, from my house in Teignmouth to Holcombe follows the Isambard Kingdom Brunel railway line built in 1846, it runs from Exeter to  Newton Abbot. During the Spring and Summer it's very picturesque and calm, but in the Winter the sea batters and damages the wall and cliffs so much so that it's an all year round job to make it secure and safe. 

I'm not working towards a marathon, and I have no desire to run any further. In my 20's and 30's I wouldn't have even contemplated it. In my 20's living in London and clubbing most weekends I was a happy size 8.  In my 30's I raced around meeting up with friends grabbing food on the go, in my size 10 jeans. When I hit my 40's I had a 3 year old and another on the way, I'd moved to Devon, life had slowed down, and my waistline was getting bigger. I'm never going to be a size 8 again, I enjoy eating, drinking and partying and unlike before I realise it comes with a pay back. So I put on my iPod shuffle, I still listen to all my clubbing tracks, but now I'm running instead of dancing. I love the sense of space and freedom, listening to the sea and even the strange feeling of a speeding train passing a few feet from me, it gives me lots of thinking time and fresh air and I actually enjoy it!  

 From Teignmouth to Spray Point 
 The Teignmouth sign at Spray Point (a kind of halfway point)
 The second part
 The workmen who's relentless job is to make sure the cliffs and railway line are safe.
 The speeding trains
 The end of the line (well for me anyway) Time to turn around
And all the way back again

Couldn't believe how lovely the weather was this weekend.  I thought our beach days were over, but no, we were there again on Sunday enjoying the sun and sea.

 These feet have nothing to do with me, they just appeared above us as we sat on the beach and I thought they made a good photo!
Still enjoying the sun and sea

This weeks makes included these DC Comic fabric long sleeve dresses 

 And these long sleeve dresses I made with London landmarks fabric. Love the splash of red in the form of a bus or telephone box, perfect for red tights and boots

Bright Clouds and Raindrops pinafores

All available on my website 

Running in Lavender
A Cornish Mum

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