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Saturday, 18 July 2015


As another school years draws to a close,  I'm feeling so proud of the girls and all they have achieved so far. With fantastic end of year reports, they both shine in their very individual ways. Bella will be going into her last year of primary school and this time next year will be thinking about starting secondary education, and Mabel into Yr 2. I had to capture this moment of them both heading off to school together on their scooters.

Mabels been hanging out with her friends, swapping football cards
and building Lego cities

and we've been doing a little more hanging out with friends, eating, drinking and having a good time.  Harry, the cook in our house made two fantastic curries and me, well I do deserts and very nice they were too. 

I meant to take more photos but as usual forgot, but this kind of sums it up!

During the clean up the next morning I discovered these luxury chocolates from Hotel Chocolat in the fridge. A friend had bought them over and I had completely forgotten to get them out.  Felt a little bit embarrassed, but also knew I was going to be in "chocolate heaven" over the next couple days!

I have a good pile of fabrics already collected for the new season, so I've not been making at all this week.  I currently have a sale on the website My Sister Mabel
and I'm still receiving lovely photos of my customers in their dresses 
 Edith Olive 


"Thank you so much for the Spider-Man dress never has one of my daughters dresses received so many comments from strangers. There was also an interesting debate in a play centre where a group of boys told her she wasn't aloud to wear that as Spider-Man's for boys to which she answered boys don't wear dresses.lol. Thanks again". 

Continuing on from last week we've been admiring a few of the new pieces of recycled art along our seafront as part of 
T.R.A.I.L. Recycled Art in the Landscape

Thats just Harry!

A Cornish Mum

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