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Sunday, 12 July 2015


Continuing with the popular dinosaur theme, I made another three dinosaur pinafore dresses out of the remaining material. Apart from this I've been collecting various fabrics to launch new dresses for late September. With Summer sales starting earlier and earlier and my impending Summer holiday I'm feeling the need to wind down, although Bella & Mabel bags will carry on!

Big thank you the Mums who supported and sent in these lovely photos this week of their children wearing their My Sister Mabel outfits.

Loving the long Summer evenings although they are a bit random.  Sunday afternoon impromptu get together with friends on the beach,  we were still there at 8pm and Mabel fell in of course!

Messing around on the river

And we've also been enjoying a few evenings on our little balcony 

and our little garden too (although you can't see me wearing my coat!)

Taking the girls on their roller skates and scooter along the seafront one evening before stopping for a drink or two. 

We came across some of the installations which appear along the seafront at this time of year prior to the annual carnival. They are upcycled pieces of art made with various bits discarded rubbish.

This was the strangest one - A seagull sacrifice! 

And finally a nice glass of wine or two at the Riviera 

Mummy and Monkeys

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