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Sunday, 26 July 2015


This week we've spent some time down by the river, hanging out with friends and family,enjoying the evening sunshine and a few glasses of wine. We had a child free evening mid week, which is always a treat.

and Harry's brother Pedro came down to visit from London and that gave us another reason to head down to the river!
Waiting for Dad to get the drinks in.

Uncle Pedro

This week saw the girls breaking up from school and the dilemma of teachers gifts. Bella wanted to give her teacher a Bella Bag so that was nice and easy. 
A few of us Mum's in Mabel's class were having a coffee one morning after school drop off, and thought it would  be nice to give Miss Chapman a more personalised present which incorporated something from each child. I came up with an idea based on the Big Fat Devon Beach bags I occasionally make.  So 30 canvas oblongs, some Sharpies pens and some coordinating by Manuela we came up with a truly unique present...The Teachers Tote.

So successful was this project that I've decided to offer it as a service if anyone is interested.

Walking into town on Saturday for holiday haircuts with the girls and we are bombarded with true Devon Fayre in the form of cakes and pastries at the Farmers Market and the various bakeries around town. Of course holiday approaching I abstained, this time!

So haircuts done
 suitcases packed. House sitters in place my Mum primed to send out any sales, (I still have 25% OFF on remaining items on my website) Enter the Code SUMMER15. I've even cut up this first pile of fabrics for the new season in preparation for my return.

And we're saying goodbye to this rain soaked garden 

and grey skies 

and we're heading off to Valencia for nineteen sunny days!

And I can't wait.

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