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Thursday, 2 July 2015


I forgot to mention in my last blog post about Bella's news. On June 10th after three weeks of nail biting and worrying (by Bella) we finally found out that she had secured a place as a JA, a Junior Associate position to train with the Royal Ballet in Dartington, every Saturday for a year. Really proud and relieved, but maybe not quite ready for the "intense, competitive ballet Mums" of Dartington. 

Girls were also really happy when the Blues won the school sports day, Mabel was made up that she won the egg and spoon race.

Our little town hosted its annual Folk Festival,there was a lot of this cropping up all over town, and ale drinking hairy men in corduroys.

I was luck to come across another piece of Star Wars fabric and made another six dresses, five of which sold straight away. 

and two new Spiderman fabric dress 

21st June was Fathers Day, so we went out for Sunday lunch with the grandparents. I love these 'together' photos if only they came naturally.

Great to get recognition at Junior Style showcasing independent British Children's Brands

Mabel is currently dinosaur mad, she has a huge collection she is constantly adding to. Can you find girls clothing with dinosaurs on?.......probably not too many, so we made our own.  Mabel's dress has long sleeves, and I had enough material to make a little range of short sleeve dresses and pinafores which I sold almost immediately.  Good to know you are not alone with your love of dinosaurs Mabel. 

And just a couple of vintage Winnie The Pooh. 

All work no play? of course not, we had a bit of a 'Summer Gathering.' I had perfected my vodka jellies and new Gin & Tonic ice lollies, the weather and the company was great, which was reflected in the last guest leaving at 6am!

It took me a good few days to recover, but what a lovely place to recuperate. I think Summer could finally be here!

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