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Sunday, 2 August 2015


Finally here our annual holiday to a family home just outside Valencia, a little town that reminds me a little of our town Teignmouth, a small population with a real sense of community spirit. This year we decided to fly from Gatwick as it would give us more days in the sun (19 to be precise) As always the journey to the airport which took us nearly four and a half hours, made  the 2 hours we spent in the air more bearable!
 First thing we have to do, is our trip to the supermarket to stock up on lots of goodies, and Mabel who is mad about fruit is in her element!
 Relaxing in the pool, coming from 19 to 32 degrees of heat takes a little time to get acclimatised.

The town is currently preparing for the fiestas, which are a big part of Spanish life, and everyone rallies round decorating the town in preparation.

Three days into the holiday the clouds came over and we were waiting for the storms.  The temperatures thankfully dropped to a cooler 26 and we waited for its imminent arrival, which came on Friday evening lighting the sky like a firework  display for hours.  

Saturday we spent the afternoon in the city of Valencia, a comfortable air conditioned journey on a train of about 20 minutes. Valencia is a truly lovely city, spacious, clean and vibrant!
 A great street of seafood restaurants - Pick a Lobster

 One of my personal favourites Churros and Chocolate, thin doughnuts covered in icing sugar dipped into a cup of thick warm chocolate.
I've been visiting this square Plaza De La Virgin for about 14 years now, with and without children. It has a real sense of calm and a real sense of Spain and I always have my one and only large glass of sangria while I'm there taking in the sights.

As much as I tried to get myself in some sort of shape before the holiday, Spain is not the place to watch your weight.  Sunday is traditionally paella day, where families get together to make and eat paella. Today we ate out at a restaurant in town. The girls weren't up for paella so Harry and I had to go it alone with a delicious fish paella, which preceded a few delicious tapas. On seeing it Harry announced he wouldn't be able to finish it but of course we did!


Mabel: This was the first holiday you could properly swim.
A Cornish Mum

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