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Saturday, 20 June 2015


New makes for this week have been these upcycled Spiderman fabric dresses, with loose sleeves, an elasticated neckline and a little tie detail.

Some more book bags with a little "bling" twist £12

I found a small piece of this lovely Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox fabric, just enough to make one little dress Age 3-4 

Using up all my little pieces of fabric. I've now used up all this lovely Scandinavian Bubble fabric and made two new dresses.

Two more London Underground dresses Ages 5-6 & 7-8.  Mabel has finally got the hang of the modelling and realises that the quicker we get it finished, and she comes up with all the right poses, the quicker she gets her money and can move onto other things.  

 Lovely Camper fabric 

 Upcycled Katz Ballerina fabric.There's only enough room for one ballerina in the house, and Mabel and I are quite happy for it to be Bella, but she tried her best to look the part.

Always nice to see photos of customers, and these two little twins are two of my best, their dad regularly buys my dresses.

Great fascination to the girls and myself are these giant jelly fish that are being washed up on the beaches around here,apparently coming in from the Atlantic to the warmer waters.  After getting over the shock of seeing so many we could only feel a little bit sorry for them. Walking over the bridge to school we've seen them swimming in the river and they are truly spectacular!

Three in a row.

 Although there hasn't been a lot of sun so far this year, when we can, we walk the mile to school, and what a beautiful walk it is too!

Girls safely at school, I treat myself with coffee and ginger cake sitting by the river, before starting my day. Very lucky!

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