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Thursday, 6 June 2013


One of this month's most popular dresses was a small range of shift dresses up-cycled using Paul Frank fabric.

 This was the other one.  A range of shift dresses made from vintage Thomas & The Tank Engine, and lined with contrasting blue and white floral fabric.

Sometime ago I said yes to a sponsored 18 mile walk from Dartmoor to Shaldon, to raise money for Mabel's pre-school. As it got nearer I dusted off some old walking trainers from the bottom of the wardrobe and walked to school a couple of times in the name of training. 
Meeting on Dartmoor at 8.30am the first 6-8 miles were bearable, over Dartmoor, through woods, and on roads, my legs were working pretty much by themselves. The next leg of the journey was tough, the last part however was five miles along the river bank while the tide was out, thinking about every step and feeling the pain.  Myself and my friend Christine, who kept me company on the journey, wearing her afro wig arrived at our destination at 3.30. Needless to say I could hardly walk afterwards, and for the next two days, and I still have two black toe nails as reminder of the day!

The 8.30 start

Christine wearing her afro well!

 One of the long and grueling paths along the route, but very pretty!

The Last 5 miles along the river bank

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