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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Very popular new dresses for this month have been the Sarah Kay, Holly Hobby. 
Lots of Mums getting very nostalgic and remembering their own duvet covers and curtains. Upcycled and loved all over again!

 101 Dalmations

 Made initially for Mabel as she is a huge fan of the Incredibles film, Didn't really know if there would be other little girls out there wanting to wear a superhero dress, but there seems there was and I've sold two and have a 3-4 left.

And a few new bags 

 The Bella Bag

 The Mabel Bag

Always hoarding scraps of fabric I find it so difficult to throw anything away.  I recently came up with a new way of utilising it, with these brand new drawstring bags.  
I originally made them as PE bags but they would be big enough to use as a sleepover bag, to put all your essentials in for playgroup and they would also make great presents. 
No two are the same and they are all lined/reversible.

A variation is a swimming/beach bag which I've lined with waterproof fabric and made as a rucksack 

Had a really enjoyable breakfast at a farm not far from where we live.  It takes place in a working barn, so when not in use they serve breakfasts with their own delicious meat.  Along with the breakfasts there was a structure that had been turned into a tearooms and the farmers son had an amazing giant deckchair business. We loved it!

May 5th 2012 was a  the worst day of my life, when little Mabel suffered a stroke.  
May 5th 2013 the girls and myself spent a very sunny day on the beach (Harry was unfortunately working)  I could not help myself constantly thinking what was happening "this time last year" and how lucky we are that she is here playing on the beach with her sister as if nothing had happened.

Sunshine being such a rarity we have done a lot of "indoor play" one of our favourites was feet painting!!

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