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Saturday, 23 February 2013


This month I've been really busy sourcing fabrics and making up  lots of new dresses for Spring/Summer, they are all made with upcycled or vintage fabric and follow a nostalgic childhood theme. The Bella and Mabel bags have been a little neglected......but something has to give and I'm sure there will be time for them again soon. 
Mabel has been busy modelling for me, which she sees as an opportunity for a comic moment where she pulls as many silly faces at the camera as she can, but we get there eventually and she does us proud.
My cousin arrived from New York last week and bought  twenty dresses and ordered another twenty to sell at a market somewhere in Brooklyn, so My Sister Mabel goes "stateside"!

Bertie Bassett Fabric Dress & Grazed Knees

Vintage Bambi Fabric Dress

Funky Chicken Dress

Vintage Rupert Bear Fabric Dress

Upcycled Winnie The Pooh Fabric

Upcycled Cath Kidston Cowboy Fabric Dress

Upcycled Magic Roundabout Fabric Dress

Upcycled Rhubarb & Custard Fabric Dress

The second of our visitors this month was our friend Peter a childhood friend of Harrys who now lives in the Hague.  The girls get very excited when a visitor arrives and spend a lot of time bombarding them with questions and drawings!
Girls packed off to school we spent the day in Totnes having lunch and wandering amongst the Friday market shoppers and feast of home grown and homemade produce. With cheese, wine and scotch eggs bought for later, we left with full stomachs after a lovely lunch at Rumours.

Half term has been fairly uneventful due to the freezing cold weather, and everyone's reluctance to venture out.  We've all been quite happy pottering around the house with the log burner throwing out some big heat.  We've ventured down to the sea front, and up to Widecombe On The Moor, wher we couldn't leave without having one of their specialities Devon ice cream topped with clotted cream, maybe not the ideal thing to have when the temperature is just above freezing but it had to be done and it made me feel suprisingly warm inside.......Delicious!!

Calories Calories Calories 

Bella braving the weather on Dartmoor

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