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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I always find January a really difficult month, I find it hard to muster up energy and enthusiasm when it's so cold and miserable.  This year it's been a really positive start, with lots accomplished already.  I've started on my new Spring/Summer range, which will still be 95% upcycled but this season the fabrics will be quirky and nostalgic, there's not just vintage flowers but much loved characters such as Bambi, Beano, Beatrix Potter, Magic Roundabout and Rhubarb & Custard.

I was also lucky enough be featured in February's Devon Life with one of my up-cycled Cath Kidston dresses.

Mabel makes it into the press once again, this time for all the right reasons!

 Mabel had another hospital appointment at Frenchay Hospital this month for an MRI scan on her brain, this was to make sure there are no underlying problems that caused her stroke.
Unfortunately they miscalculated when she was due to go down for it, and she ended up having no food for ten hours and no fluids for seven which made her a little unwell!

We even found time to fit in a trip to the South East to visit friends in Worthing and Hove.

 Mabel was very confused with the lack of sand on Worthing beach!

 Bella and her oldest friend Caitlin who recently moved to Worthing.

Back home we've started decorating hopefully to be finished before the arrival of our friend Pete from Holland next week.

I may have changed my opinion about January it's been great!

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