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Friday, 9 November 2012


The 21st October Bella turned eight.  

 I'm preparing for lots of events over the next two months, which I've listed on the left.  The Exminster Contemporary Craft fair 27th October was a great little event even though I had to take both girls with me and armed with pack lunches, drawing books, Barbies and a portable DVD player loaned to me by my friend Tina it was well worth it. I sold amongst other things seven Bella Bags, so I've been stocking up on oilcloth in preparation for the "Christmas Rush"

Mabel has kept us busy this month with follow up appointments, although we've now left Bristol behind us until such time that she'll need her stent expanding, she's also the proud owner of a night splint boot and special inner sole in her shoe which will hopefully over time correct the slight roll she has on her foot due to the stroke.  
 Leaving Bristol Childrens Hospital for the last time

and she's now back "working" for My Sister Mabel

Halloween saw Bella dressed as a vampire and off to her friend Daisy's Party.  

And for Bonfire Night instead of joining the masses on the beach in Shaldon we parked up the Bongo in the car park in Teignmouth and sat up in the roof watching it all going on in comfort. 

and as always I've been making. I've never been big into making lots of Christmas decorations as I dread being left with them afterwards, but I have made these little Christmas Trees
and lots of different paper bunting not particularly Christmasy but great little stocking fillers at £3.50 for 2 metres.

 and Mum's still making her festive booties.
 Christmas Cakes
Christmas Puddings

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