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Monday, 31 December 2012


After promising myself to keep up with the blog on a regular basis, I'm way behind (but hey it is Christmas and it has been reeeeeeeallly busy here.)  As it came into Christmas Fair season I realised I'd probably booked too many, some of which the were amazing and some which were not so.
I sometimes felt like a "headless chicken" juggling everything, but it's ok 
"I'm a woman I can do that"!!!

At the beginning of the month we managed a brief trip to Brighton to see much loved friends, and have lots of drinks and  lots of fun! ...Then there was school book day (Bella requesting I make her something for it) Mabel celebrated her 4th Birthday, Christmas tree buying and putting up the decorations, birthday parties to be attended and presents to be bought, school discos, school nativity plays, house to be cleaned, in laws to pick up from Gatwick, Christmas Panto to attend and a little bit of media frenzy for Mabel.

Bella's school Book Day - Cat In The Hat, once I'd made the hat the rest was simple.

First piece of Christmas to arrive is our advent calendar.  This year there was no eating chocolates in advance either!
 Mabel choosing the Christmas tree

 Girls decorating the tree.
 Christmas decorations up
Deer John getting into the festive spirit.

Little Mabel turns 4 and what a lucky family we are to be sharing it with her this year.

 Mabel at her friend Lara's 4th birthday party
Bella off to Christmas school disco.
Mabel an angel in the Christmas Nativity.

 Due to Mabel's stroke aged 3 back in May, I was approached by the Devon Air Ambulance who played a huge part in her outcome to do a small piece for our local paper The Herald Express.  
Unbeknown to me we made it onto the front page, and the first I knew was when a national newspaper photographer arrived at the door and said he would like to take some photos as there had been national media interest. 
In the days proceeding we appeared in The Daily Star, The Mail On Line, Western Morning News, Exeter Express & Echo and several on line publications - It bought back to us how very lucky we have been.  and it was indeed a feel good Christmas Story.

Not content with the her national media coverage, Mabel was asked to come up on stage (as they were looking for a four year old girl) which she agreed to enthusiastically to sing old McDonald and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as a solo at the Christmas Panto Chinderella at The Princess Theatre in Torquay. It was very cute and very emotional.

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