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Saturday, 20 October 2012


Can't believe it's been almost a month since I wrote a post, time does fly by and with a website, Etsy, Folksy, fairs and a hospital appointment in Bristol for Mabel, something has to give.  I thought about stopping it but I felt guilty for the girls (which is one of the main reasons I do it) as it's more of a small journal really of their lives growing up.  I could imagine them whining at me in later years asking why I'd stopped doing it, and what an example I'd be if I said "I just couldn't be bothered"!  so I'm going to try and post every week and then it won't seem such a task!

Apart from the days drawing in I do quite like being able to walk down to the beach after school and tire out the girls before going back for tea.  The beach is empty apart from the dog walkers  and die hard surfers and there's a great sense of space.

 Our new family photo.

 I've added a few new bags and dresses and my Mum's been knitting more booties to add to the collection but I've also been working on a few cheaper bits to go on table for forthcoming fairs (listed above)

 Christmas Garlands

Tree decorations

 and fab new boots made by my Mum.

Managed a quick visit to the zoo in Shaldon. Had to include this photo as it makes me smile, the girls looking a little bit petrified but still trying to pose with a lemur!

 The weekend 13th/14th Oct. saw me heading for London for two events.  Always happy to go back to London, the fast hectic pace of life and even the traffic jams are all refreshing, and I look back with fondness on the years aged 19 - 32 spent there.  Would I go back?  No, because the only parts I would live in I could only afford with a serious win on the Euro millions!

The Junior Vintage Fair at York Hall, London

Sunday 14th The Duckpond & Artisan Market - Richmond

Arrived back from London with a stinking head cold. Mabel (who hadn't been to London) had a fungal ear infection and a virus with the lovely name of Hand, Foot & Mouth which is small blisters on the tongue, feet and hands, and no it's nothing to do with cows and living in the country!

The girls have been doing a bit of modelling for My Sister Mabel. Mabel is getting a real professional and is getting to grips with all the poses!

Bella just take it in her stride in half the time!

My Sister Mabel also has a new website  www.mysistermabel.bigcartel.com
which is also now linked to my Facebook Page My Sister Mabel

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