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Thursday, 21 June 2012


I've refused to have my spirits dampened by this constant rain (well we did have one fairly decent day this week) and although I am back wearing raincoat, boots and carrying an umbrella I'm still putting together some more lovely Summer dresses. 
 I've made so much with this fabric in the past, and this is the very last piece I pulled out of one of my drawers and made one last dress with it. It sold straight away when I put it on my face book page. Its so fresh and summery, perfect for holidays!
This started life as two huge pieces of fabric found for me by my friend Sam at Peagreen Furniture. I've made a couple of dresses, but there's some great shift dresses to come in a different combination of colours and with big retro flowers along the bottom. Fab!
 Another little nautical number 

Bella and Mabel have given me all of 15 minutes of their time to take some photos of them. There was certainly no time for outfit changing and so one wore green the other purple and that was it. 
I suppose I should count myself lucky I didn't have two boys (what would I have done?)
 Vintage M&S

This week I've sent another order of bags off to Rockpool Trading, and a wholesale order of dresses to a new contact in Hampshire. On Monday I delivered some dresses to a new shop in Exeter called 
Good Golly Miss Molly which opens on July 7th in McCoys Arcade in Fore Street, a great little shop selling all things vintage and lovely.
 And just to prove it has stopped raining, this was the day Mabel and I spent having lunch on the beach in Teignmouth.
And tea on the beach in Shaldon after school.

On Wednesday with both girls at school. Sam (Peagreen Furniture) and supplier of lots of my lovely fabrics went for lunch at one of Shaldon's new additions Ode. Ode is situated at the top of Shaldon near the Ness, it's a new eatery with a small and delicious menu made with local produce, we had the fresh fish cakes and a glass of rose. Will definitely be back.
 The view
One half of the Ode.

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