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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Spring is finally here, and with it sunny long days and Spring Fairs.  Mabels nursery is holding its Easter Parade on Friday 1st April, The Craft Hub's Birdsong & Blossom Spring Fair in Topsham  on Sunday 3rd April, The Easter Expo at Tavistock Town Hall 16th April and The Easter Fayre at The Flavel Arts Centre  Dartmouth on 24th April.  I've been busy making some extra little things to put on my stall.


It's half term, Bella has most of April off, going back for two days before she is off again for "The Wedding" and then again for the May Bank Holiday.   The girls have been busy amusing themselves building camps in the lounge.

With the arrival of a very large box, containing two chairs and a table for the balcony more accommodation was built.

I got asked by one of the mums at school if I could make her a really simple small bag to take to a wedding. A square, two 
handles, a button and enough room to put some action figures in to keep her son amused, she loved it, so I've made some more from the mountains of left over fabric I have.
I've collected quite a few retro fabrics over the past couple of weeks, really looking forward to recycling them into something new

Took a packed lunch, bought an ice cream on the way and  headed for the beach, the sun was shining and the girls had found a new lease of life.  As I sat there watching them playing, making sandcastles and arguing over buckets and spades, I thought how lucky we were to have all this five minutes from our home.

I met Wendy at the Topsham 'Blossom & Birdsong Fair". She bought one of my long sleeve smock dresses for her cute little daughter Dolly.  She asked me if I could make her a couple of dresses with some fabric she had a home... which I did, and I think they really work well.  Hope you like them too Dolly! Photos of Dolly wearing her dresses are further on in this post.

I've started using some of my new fabrics.  I really like this dress, (and it's available to buy on my website)  How did I get Bella to model for me again, plentiful amounts of chocolate cake, it works every time!

The girls were off to a 4th birthday party today, and I took a couple of photos of them just before they started screaming at each other

We all enjoyed the Royal Wedding. We had a small gathering at the end of the road, we met up with neighbours for a few drinks, it made me feel quite patriotic. Bella had a tea party at school and won the 
fancy dress competition for her year, and first prize for her drawing of where the newlyweds would live.  

Mabels celebrations were a little more low key she made a crown at nursery with plenty of glue and red, white and blue tissue paper.
made a crown at nursery with plenty of glue and red 

She didn't have a clue what was going on but she seemed to take it all in her stride.

We went for a lovely walk yesterday after dinner with the girls.  It was spectacular along the front, the sun was shining and the waves were huge, there was even a bit of surfing going on

I used some new fabric to make these harem pants, its a lovely bright summery cotton, thought they would look great with a little white T and denim jacket.  My Mum gave me the nautical fabric I think it works well with the ticking.  Wear it dressed up for a special occasion with a blazer and ballet pumps or dressed down with a denim jacket and white plimsoles.

 My Sister Mabel will soon be available in LEAF STREET in Exeter, Honiton, Broadclyst and Kennford.  Thank you Leaf Street.

Dolly wearing her new dresses

Grace is my friend Tina's daughter.  I met Tina when I moved from Torquay and started primary school in Teignmouth at the age of ten.  Both only children, we had a fabulous childhood growing up together.  At seventeen we went off to pursue different paths, but always kept in touch meeting up when ever we could.  A few months ago Tina also returned to Teignmouth with her partner and daughter Grace.  It still amazes us when we meet up that we are here again, and the reason for us both I think is the same, we know that this is fabulous place to bring up our children.....She's also a great little model for My Sister Mabel.

Love this photo of Bella trying on her dads hat in a cafe in Torquay, we had just visited The Living Coast.


Mabel's much loved new toy..... a bubble machine. She has taken to sitting on the front door step with her finger on the button and nothing will persuade her that it stays on by itself.    

A weekend of craft fairs.  Saturday was the The Exeter Steiner Schools Summer Fair, where I had a table next to Sam from Peagreen Furniture, who sells painted furniture, cake stands made with vintage plates and beautiful scented candles in vintage crockery and jelly moulds.
Sunday I was at the Exmouth Pavilion for The Posh Shopping Fair.  I have no more until The Craft Hub in Topsham on 19th June so I'm busy cutting and stitching!

Bella's school has shut for two days while they move into the new building, so we took the opportunity to take a day trip to St Ives.  It was lovely to see the white sandy beaches and blue sea, if only we could guarantee the sun why would we go abroad? 
We played on the beach, wandered around the little streets with it's interesting little shops and galleries,  ate Cornish pasties and ice creams then left for the two and a half hour journey home.

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