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Friday, 27 May 2011


As Summer approaches the warmer days and more hours of daylight definitely make me happier and more productive.  I have a place at both The Summer Fair at Totnes Steiner school on 11th June and and then a week later The Summer of Love Craft Event at Topsham Town Hall.

I've been busy turning some of my hoarded fabrics into new things (up cycling, I think it's called!)
 I recently bought some leather straps, and I've made up some "Big Bags" which I've lined, and sewn a big double pocket on the front. I haven't got around to putting them on the website yet but I will do sometime over the weekend.

I bought some retro 70's cotton fabric a while ago and made it up into these little summer tops, great over jeans or white 3/4 trousers, there was only enough for four of them. They didn't make it on to the website as I sold them all from Facebook. The brown version is still to be made up, and the white modern print will be available soon.

I found some new fabrics last weekend.  A lovely piece of vintage Laura Ashley in blue and white, I'm going to make it into some short sleeve tops, leaving out the elastic on the sleeve this time to give it a more floaty feel.


Soaked, Mabel tried and tested her My Sister Mabel pinafore whilst
spending most of last Sunday washing the car... and yes
the wet sponge does fit perfectly into the pocket!

Proving that she can look angelic,  Mabel models new £5 polka dot plimsoles with her tutu, also proving that you can buy 'Tesco's Finest' without having to look like you have!!!

My Sister Mabel will soon be available to buy in Hullabaloo/Gazebo Totnes.

Bella and I have just got back from a couple of days staying with friends in Kingston. We had a great day in Kew Gardens with the girls dodging the rain and conquering our fear of heights on the "Tree Top Walk" and then for pizza in the evening.  This morning we had some retail therapy in town, before heading back to the sticks!!

Rarely does the sun shine during the half term, but we returned from Kingston to gorgeous weather, so the only place to head for was down to the beach, a bag of cheese straws and sausage rolls from Luders (the best patisserie in Teignmouth)

Saturday we were off to Dartmoor to Widdicombe On The Moor for a visit to the Two Bridges Pub and Devon ice cream with clotted cream topping!

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