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Saturday, 26 March 2011


It's been 3 years this month since we left our urban life in Brighton, with the endless thinking time given over to the trivialities that go with it.  With us came our first daughter Izabella Pixie, and me just pregnant with her much anticipated little sister Mabel Lula.
Izabella Pixie & Mabel Lula 

We set up our new home in a small seaside town called Teignmouth on the south coast of Devon where I had once grown up and left for the bright lights of London more than 20 years ago.

Things had changed a little. The old hotels on the seafront had become smart flats, the once forgotten Riviera Cinema was now a modern cafe/restaurant, there was an award winning playground, and plans were in place to build a skate park on the seafront.  Later we would witness Muse, returning home for two nights on the Den to begin their world tour. 

The town held a charm for me I had never witnessed in my teens, the pace of life, the friendliness of the people, and the simplicity of going about everyday tasks.

Bella attended a local nursery and from there went to a small school in the village of Shaldon.  We reach school, by either walking across the bridge, with views up river to the right and the sea to the left, or by crossing on the old passenger ferry which takes you from the back beach in Teignmouth, over to the other side.  I do believe I have one of the most scenic school runs!

Mabel now safely established in the family I began to ponder on my future employment prospects in the area.  Leaving school with very few qualifications I had taken a secretarial course, but had moved to London with a job as a buyer for a small chain of independent clothes shops.  On leaving, I found a job as a PA for a DJ at an independent dance record label, and from there I left London for the draw of the coast and the cosmopolitan city of Brighton. Here I worked for another independent record label, but now part time as I had had Izabella.

It was at this point that I began making and selling a small range of childrens accessories, bags, aprons and bibs, stocked by a few shops in and around Brighton.................and then we moved.  Due to a real lack of little independent childrens shops from which to buy something different for the girls, I dusted off my machine (in fact I bought a new one) and began making again.  And from there was born "My Sister Mabel" a small range of affordable childrens clothes, and a few nice things for mums, that are not massed produced and are where possible made with recycled fabrics.  The girls and I like them a lot and I hope you do too....



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  1. Tracy has made the perfect dress....it's just brilliant for any occasion.... Great for the beach.... Parties..... Trips to the Circus.... a Sunday walk.... and best of all... pottering about!