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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


A little bit restricted with Summer holiday arrangements due to my impending op, so we've stayed local (which is a first for us in August for a very long time) and we've enjoyed local entertainment, weather permitting. 

Our local carnival 

some of the traditional sculptures along the seafront made with waste materials

Have to say there's been very few long sunny days in August, but I loved the way this picture captures the Summer flowers against the grey sea and sky

Mabel and her friend Isaac at Charmouth beach. A fossil hunting trip on the Jurassic Coast, but not a fossil did we find.

Another grey day on Dartmoor on beautiful Dartmoor

and another rainy playdate camp.

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breast cancer update

I had my masectomy on Monday 31st July. I went down to surgery and returned several hours later with new boobs, four drains, two PIC dressing boxes, oxygen and a heated duvet over the top of me to aid circulation. The best news was that they had found nothing in the lymph nodes. Spaced out on Tramadol, Paracetamol and Morphine I slept like a baby unaware of the pain. I left hospital on Wednesday with just two of my drains removed but everything else in place and feeling painful. A week later I had the drains removed and saw my breast surgeon who said that he was pleased with the way everything had gone. The particular implants I have are expandable so next week all being well I'll have them pumped up for the first time. I have a pathology appointment tomorrow to discuss the removed tissue, then after that it's just back for Herception injections until March.  My battle is coming to an end!!!

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