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Saturday, 15 July 2017


Great evening with friends celebrating the end of chemo. Felt so lucky to have spent the evening with great people and in such a lovely setting.  We started the evening at Wetherspoons drinking prosecco and ended it at 12pm sitting on the beach still drinking prosecco. 

New makes this week are some old favourites, the school book bag made with oilcloth and lined with ticking with a velcro fastening.  I'll be making some more in the next couple of weeks ready for back to school in September.

This week I did my first craft fair of the year, the school Summer Fayre. I'd planned to do the Exeter Cathedral (and several others) this year but had to cancel due to circumstances. 

Had a lovely Sunday, the sun was shining and we went down to the back beach for a few gin and tonics (so nice to be able to drink again) Then, it was around to the front beach, were Mabel did a bit of swimming, and then home for a family Sunday paella. 

Two new oilcloth designs this week, blue tulips and sardines 

Mabel was so brave this week.  First was a visit to Torbay Hospital for a CT scan, to see how her stent is preforming. This is normally done under general anaesthetic on children of her age, but she braved it, had a cannula put in and then went into the X-ray by herself.... only to fall off her scooter the next day and bash her lip and chin. 

Breast Cancer Update

I had the first of my 12 herceptin injections. Herceptin is one of the three drugs I had as part of my chemotherapy, and is another cancer killing drug. I've had several pre surgery appointments this week and lots of tests, I've been given the procedures for what to do, and what not to do. So, there's no ironing, no doing the washing, no hoovering, no lifting, no cooking, no sewing or cutting out,(which is a bit of a problem) and limited use of the computer, so I think there'll be a lot of films and reading.  I'll leave hospital with four drains and lots of pain killers. 

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