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Thursday, 22 June 2017


Sunday, Harry and Bella took part in Colour Rush, a charity event organised to raise money for the local hospice Rowcroft. This is a 5k run, which takes place partly on the beach, while having coloured powder thrown at you from three different stations. I'm pleased to say they both managed to finish.

Part of the week we had our friend Graeme staying from London, always a good place to bring friends in the evening, The Ship, down on the river.

This weekend it was just me and Mabel. On Saturday we met up with some friends at the Bishopsteignton Village Fair. The sun shone, while we took shade under a tree and chatted for hours. It was a lovely day, and I felt a little like I was in an episode of Jam & Jerusalem 

It was swelteringly hot on Sunday so Mabel and I headed for the beach. Harry was away for work so there was no Father's Day celebrations.

New makes this week have included these Love London fabric dresses.

Finally got Mabel in front of the camera again

A lovely piece of striped fabric made these sleeveless dresses with full skirts. I think they have a bit of a retro feel.

and enough to make these A line dress with pockets

chemo update

Well I finally got there No.6 and last chemo. 
It's not been easy at times, but my friends and family have all been amazing, as have our wonderful NHS. 

On Thursday I had my first ever blood transfusion for anaemia, which did help with some of my symptoms. I'm currently week two post chemo which is pretty much when you are at your worst, but it's great knowing that your not heading for another one.  Slowly my medication will decrease, and so will the head to toe side effects which have included, apart from the obvious hair loss, acne, twitching eyelids,  watery eyes and running nose, nose bleeds, tiredness, breathlessness, dizziness, changing tastebuds, leg pains, sensitivity to hand and soles of feet and now just to finish it all off I'm losing my nails. I'm now waiting to see my breast surgeon to discuss Part 2 The Surgery.

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