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Sunday, 8 May 2016


It's been a very busy week! For a small seaside town we have a fair amount of live music. Last weekend we had an annual two day event, known as Cellar Stock. Mabel is a big fan of live music, and loves rock guitars and head banging! So when she met one of her school friends  they enjoyed a evening of table jumping and air guitar!

still carrying on into the night

We didn't go back to school on Tuesday as we came out in support of LET our KIDS be KIDS - TUES 3rd MAY. We spent an educational day out of the classroom. Which started with scarecrow making and ended on the beach.

Making our scarecrow Frieda 

Taking her across the river on the ferry

Frieda delivered to the allotment - lunch in the sun.

Seed planting done and off to the botanical gardens

Searching for fairies in the botanical gardens 

Ending the perfect day on the beach.

Mabel goes to school 5 minutes from all these beautiful places, but in 3 years has not visited any of them with her class as part of their learning, because the Education Department now believes that formal testing of 6 and 7 year olds in arithmetic and grammar is more important.

Thursday May 5th was "Mabel's Day" which we normally celebrate as it is the day (4 years ago) that Mabel had a sudden stroke and was very nearly taken from us. Harry was unfortunately this year in Holland so we had to defer our little celebrations but we did get the ferry back from school and stopped off for some Devon speciality cream cakes to celebrate.

Friday Harry returned from Holland. Bella was off to a Prom style party, one of her classmates was having. She went with her friend Jacob, who she has known since nursery school.  Now many years on they are looking at leaving junior school in a few months and heading towards adulthood. 

and while the little people partied the, adults and the very little people went the beach and waited for them with wine and buckets and spades.

and yes, I did manage to find time for new makes 

Using up some of my smaller pieces of fabric, teamed up this retro Scandinavian fabric with denim 

and some seed head cotton and denim 

Love Liberty Print

and the last of my Cath Kidston London Bus Fabric made this ladies shift dress and top.

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