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Friday, 22 January 2016


It's been quite a while since my last post, and Christmas has been and gone, and business has reopened and got off to an amazing start. I'm not going to back track on our Christmas festivities, but just want to say what a lovely Christmas it was, with a good mix of family, friends, dinners and parties. No New Years resolutions to live by and no dry January to adhere to. Really looking forward to 2016 and all it has to bring. 

The first upcycled fabric dresses of this year have been very popular. Starting with Star Wars 


Mabel's back on the modelling, with her fees now gone up to £1 a dress!

Upcycled dinosaur fabric pinafores


Although this is definitely not my favourite time of the year, (cold ,wet and grey) I have managed to capture some varying weather.

Extreme waves on the beach which turned the skate park into a swimming pool.

On a walk to school across the bridge, this lucky double rainbow was on one side of us and a silouhete view of the river as the sun tries to come out from behind the clouds on the other.

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