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Sunday, 16 August 2015


Our third (well 4 days of it) week began with Peter leaving for Holland. Graham stayed on for a few more days, and the heat continued to blast us, as we carried on eating, swimming and enjoying Spain whilst trying to keep cool! 
 Back from lunch and a hot car - the coolest place, the tiled floor.

 Graham enjoying the sun.

Mabel contemplating life.

The newly discovered drink of the week was the Dry Martini, we'll definitely be continuing to enjoy these back home.

2 measures of gin
1 measure of extra dry vermouth

Shake the ingredients well with ice and strain 
into a cocktail glass. Decorate with a stuffed olive 
or a twist of lemon peel.

N.B Don't as Harry did, put a salted olive into the drink because the salty dregs at the bottom are not pleasant.

Always great to show friends around Valencia, we took Graham back to Plaza De La Virgin to taste the huge gin and tonics, churros and chocolate and discover some new little tapas restaurants. Cafe De Hora is a bar/cafe we always return to partly because of it's over the top interior.

 Harry sampling the Brandy Alexanders

Another undiscovered street of traditional tapas bars we'll have to   sample when we return.

Always part of our holiday are the various wild cats we befriend around the garden. Luckily they never let the girls get too close. Gradually over the holiday they become more used to us and are very grateful for any left over food we may be able to spare.
 Enjoying Paella 

As our wonderful holiday came to end we said goodbye to friends and family and reluctantly left the pool 
 The last swim!

evening bat watching

 Even the cats seemed sad to see us leave, when we found them on the doormat for the first time the morning we were leaving. 
 We arrived at Valencia airport for our 2 hour flight back to Gatwick, then our onward journey which should have taken around 4 hours. Due to traffic chaos on the M25 and driving rain, it took us 6 hours  to get back together with a drop in over 20 degrees in temperature. Were we happy to be home?......NO!

I now have this huge pile of fabric to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks, and lots of new dresses to show you soon.
A Cornish Mum

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