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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


After several days of damp sea mist hanging over the town, the sun finally burnt it away and the sun shone in all it's glory. I spent the morning cutting out more shorts, as the first few have gone well.

Hunched over the table with scissors in hand for hours, I went for a run along the sea wall.

Back home showered and finished off packaging up some sales.

Off to school to pick up the girls, and parents evening.  We were very pleased with both their progress. Well done girls!

Down to the seafront to catch the last of the evening sunshine. Mabel was really pleased with the new additions to the crazy golf - A family of dinosaurs

Watching the sun go down with a glass of cider  

 Lady Rowers

 Local trawler bringing in it's catch 

Beard of Seaweed!

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