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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


A little bit late with last weeks new post, but it was a very busy week! 
The week began on Sunday 16th when Mabel and I were dropped off at Bristol Hospital again.  This time Mabel was going to have a stent fitted in her aorta.
Luckily it all went well albeit very emotional as I laid my three year old on a bed in an operating theatre and kissed her on the head goodbye for two hours.

Eating Marmite toast an hour after her op.

Out on Tuesday and back down the motorway and home.  
On Wednesday we were cheering Bella along at her school Sports Day, cancelled on a couple of occasions we were able to see it through with umbrellas and half time cream teas!

Bella gives it her best in the egg & spoon

Thursday Mabel was up on stage in her end of year pre-school play as a flower, as if nothing had happened. She let out an almighty scream during the performance when she got her finger caught under a chair leg....Oh Mabel!!

Friday was Bella's last day at school before she broke up for the Summer holidays.  A fabulous report and a carry bag full of her years work she will return in September to year three.
Straight after school we travelled down to the theatre in Plymouth to see Grease, with my friend Tina and her daughter Grace.
Sitting in the audience we recollected how we had been big fans of Grease when we were younger,  here we were many years later sitting here with our daughters who were now big fans themselves.

 A great way to finish a very eventful week.

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