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Sunday, 1 October 2017


On the 18th September we headed off for a much deserved family holiday to Spain. We haven't been on a Summer holiday during  term time since the girls were tiny. It was such a treat, as the queues were non existent and the airport was virtually child free.

Blue skies, lovely temperature, fresh fruit, a swimming pool, a good book and a gin and tonic.  What more could you want?

While we were there, we celebrated Harry's birthday with a meal at Siete De Julio (The 7th July) (the day of the running of the bulls.) Not for the vegetarians, this restaurant speciality is beef, which arrives on the table ready for you to cook as you require on coals. Accompanied by some tasty tapas, including cod omelette, jamon and chorizo all washed down with as much free cider as you can manage from the barrels.

Temperatures were still in the 20's in Valencia in the evening. It was so lovely to enjoy wandering around the city watching the world go by, visiting some new bars, eating tapas and a night at the Hotel Reina Victoria

After our homemade Sunday paella we took the girls into Valencia. Unknown to us it was no vehicles weekend, which made wandering around the city so much more pleasant. We were lucky enough to come across the Valencian Orchestra, who were playing film score music in the square. (look at the colour of that sky at 9.30)

Back home and the start of a new season of dresses.

Sunshine & Showers fabric made up this range of skirts and sleeveless and long sleeve dresses 

Unique Spiderman fabric dress

Original 70's bright flower fabric sleeveless and pinafore dresses

Surf dress, Save Our Forest pinafores, dinosaur skirts and Rock Chick dresses

treatment update

I had another pump up before I left for holiday, I've just got another small one left which I'm having on Tuesday. I had my three month heart check, which confirmed everything is good with my heart so I can carry on with the herceptin injections, (I had my 5th one on Friday)   Although I seem to be a regular visitor to the hospital, the appointments don't fill me with fear like they used to, waiting for results was something I dreaded, and hope thats all behind me.

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