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Monday, 17 October 2016


This weeks makes included these dresses made with cute Honey Bee fabric.

and I've finally got around to getting some new personalised labels made.

Love this Anorak Kissing Squirrels fabric. 

and it's that time again, when Christmas and Christmas Fairs are not too far away. I've been using up some of my mountain of left over fabric pieces, and I've started making some little towelling backed bibs.  Never worked with towelling before....it's ALL over the house!

This week we were up at Bristol Children's Hospital for a pre-admission clinic. Mabel is due for a procedure next week called a cardiac catheter. This will allow them to assess her stent with the outlook of either doing 1. Nothing 2. Expanding it 3. Placing another one inside the existing one. 
As always it's the unknown that we fear.  Mabel, as always is taking it in her stride and sees it as a nice day off school.

Our nearest city Exeter, has just opened a few new chain restaurants and on Friday we sampled the delights of Comptoir Bazaar a new Lebanese, Delicious! 

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