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Thursday, 26 May 2016


Really changeable weather this week. One moment we are zipping up our coats against the cold and rain, and the next basking in sunshine and paddling in the river. On Sunday we went down to the river with most of the town, to see the Jolie Brise arrive back in Teignmouth where it was built over 90 years ago. It went on to win three Fastnet races (and has a new Wetherspoons pub in the town named after it)

Mabel doing her Stick Man impression on a cold and windy Saturday.

A moment of reflection mid week on how lucky I am, while waiting for the girls to arrive back from school on the ferry.

Some of this weeks makes were unintentionally to do with the coast. The first was new fish print oilcloth Bella and Mabel Bags.

Beach Hut fabric lined pinafore dresses with big beach combing pockets.

and now that I am booking some Summer Fairs I've been making up some  little extras to go on the stall. I've been loving making these fish with some remanents.

Orla Fish

Liberty Fish

Retro Fish

Woodland animal upcycled dresses

denim sleeveless dress with a retro Magic Roundabout border.

and some cute photos of Mabel modelling an upcycled retro music fabric new skirt pattern. I did find it amusing when I got all nostalgic looking at the cassette recorders, record players and walkmans, Mabel didn't have a clue what any of it was.

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