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Monday, 9 November 2015


Living on the coast brings a different but enjoyable kind of fun on the beach in the Winter. As the temperature has been really mild, even me (as very much a Summer person) have really appreciated it.

After saying goodbye to my aunty who visited us in the first part of the half term, the rest of the time was spent doing a little bit of this....... filling the table with paints, cardboard, glitter, glue and paper.  We even started making a few Christmas cards! 

And of course there were the inevitable Halloween celebrations 

I even managed to get a few new makes. Oilcloth Bella & Mabel Bags

 And a lined pinafore dress I've called "All Things London" 

Superhero capes 

And then it was Bonfire Night and we were back on the beach watching the bonfire from the river beach in Teignmouth, while enjoying the fireworks. It was lovely to see groups of people with little fires going all along the beach, sat around enjoying a few bottles of wine. Times like this I really appreciate where we live.

Watching the bonfire in Shaldon from the beach 

Our side of the river they let the fireworks off.

Sparklers with friends

Our view from the Ship Inn finishing the evening off with a few glasses of wine with friends, girls playing on the beach and collecting a Chinese on the walk back home. What more could you want?

Running in Lavender

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