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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

HELLO 2014

After a very relaxing Christmas we took advantage of the in-laws staying and Harry and I went off to London for a few days.  How nice it was to wander the streets, child free stopping for drinks and food and a little bit of shopping when ever the mood took us.  Will have to do it again very soon!

First stop was salt beef sandwiches and coffee at Selfridges

 The lovely Liberty's in all it's glory

wandering along Oxford Street 

Carnaby Street

China Town

Lovely houses in Fournier Street E1 

My Sister Mabel has had a sale on during January, which has left me with very little stock (which is the idea) I'm now frantically putting together a lovely range of new dresses and tops both for ladies and "little ladies" and even a new bag or two, In the meantime I've been using up some of my scraps of vintage fabric to make these lovely little hairbands


Some of the most favourite books in our house are that of Roald Dahl, so when I spotted this fabric I had to buy half a metre of each and make up these drawstring bags.

Taking a break from all the rain, Sunday the sun shone and the girls and I went for a long walk along the beach and out onto the spit (which appears when the tides out)

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