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Saturday, 17 September 2011


By the middle of next week my website will be back up and running after a longer than anticipated break.
I will have my new needle cord and Liberty collection.  A brand new design and fabrics in the bags and some old winter favourites such as my recycled hats, hairy gilets and scarves.  In the meantime I am trying to get some photos together.  I decided to make my samples in 2-3 (Mabel's size) rather than Bella's (not a very good idea) but after a lot of bribing with Haribo I think we got there in the end. Here are a few...... 
The Big Pocket Dress

The Circle Pocket Dress

The Front Frill Short Sleeve Dress

Long Sleeve Front Frill Top

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  1. Great stuff. And you're lucky that you've got a willing model.
    My grandson won't stand still long enough to get photographed, and when he does you need a fast shutter speed to catch a smile!