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Monday, 15 August 2011


I've finally resigned myself to the fact that summer is probably over for another year.  Having put my summer sale on the website, I am busily preparing my Autumn/Winter range.  I have decided on some soft needle cord in pale blue/grey and a beige/biscuit and teaming it with some lovely Liberty prints.  I have already started to sample the designs and I'm really pleased with them.  Will hopefully be able to show you in the next couple of weeks...
We've continued our holiday days with some junk modelling.  I've been storing old boxes, plastic bottles and various other containers in a large bag in the basement and today we emptied it all out on the table along with paints, glitter and glue, and few happy hours were pasted.

Finished Products
 A Spider
A Glittery Pasta Necklace
 A Boat

And how long did it take me to clean up afterwards???

Today we took the girls out on The Salty.  The Salty appears when the tide goes out on the river Teign and it's rich pickings for shell fish.  August is the month for cockles and we managed to fill our bucket!
 Walking on mussels, thousand and thousands of them, but the rule is "only pick mussels with an r in the month" so we left them for September.

Taking advice from the professional sitting on his haul of winkles. Clean them, add flour and let them soak for 12 hours, rinse and cook for 4 minutes.  Will let you know how it goes!!

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