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Sunday, 22 July 2018


With the continuing beautiful weather, we set up The Back Beach Club a few weeks ago, and it's become a Saturday afternoon/evening regular. We get there when we can, bring the children, booze and food and sit back and enjoy the company and the view. We're thinking of ways in which we can carry on through the Winter. Maybe a problem keeping tabs on the kids in the dark!

A few weeks ago we were invited to a mini festival (Frogfest) in a field in Shaldon. Another beautiful evening with the most spectacular sunset over the river.

A little excitement hit the town last week, with the discovery of a WWII unexploded bomb under the pier. The town was cordened off and the bomb taken out to sea and eventually exploded by the Navy. 


I haven't done any events for sometime but I did book a few this year. The first was a two day event in Dartmouth which was a very hot but successful event. 

The second was The Exeter Craft Festival the weather was absolutely sweltering, which didn't help to bring the crowds out, and England played in the semi-finals on Saturday which completely killed the trade! All that aside it was a good three day event.

And so the kids are just about to break up from school, and it's looking like it could be continuing good weather. I've started the Sumer sale, and I've also been accepted for a pitch at the month long Exeter Christmas Market starting in November, so lots of stock needs to be made (I'm excited and a little worried) We're heading off to Spain at the end of the month, and all is good!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


The recent half term we found ourselves in the usual position where Bella has one week off and Mabel has two. Mabel and I decided to take this opportunity to go to London and visit friends and family. Prior to our visit I offered Mabel a show of her choice in the West End, but she turned  me down, and explained that what she really wanted to do was visit Battersea Dogs Home, the location of her very favourite TV programme.  For The Love Of Dogs. 

First stop was to my cousin Richard and his wife Mervi, who have recently returned back to England from New York and now live in Ottershaw. Mabel couldn't have been happier as they also now have 
an 11 week old puppy Duke.

The next day it was off to Kingston and friends Steve and Ang and their daughters Megan and Emma.  Funny enough they also have a young Spingador Charlie, so once again a very happy Mabel

We left Kingston the next day, and headed into London. First stop had to be Hamleys, and because for all other children half term had been the week before, it practically empty

I was very exciited by the prospect of being in town for the Summer Art Exhibition at the Royal Academy, but alas we were about 3 days too earlier, so we wondered around anyway and took in the sights, and a little Grayson Perry preview.

We stayed with our friends Scott and Heather and although they don't have a dog anymore, they do have Gino their son,who Mabel enjoyed  getting to grips with playstation games with. 

Scorching hot the next day we headed for London and the Embankment. We took a stroll through Battersea Park and eventually got to Battersea 

And then we were there, and with a £2 entrance fee, it was considerably cheaper than a West End Show.  I was amazed at the size of it, and obviously how generous people are to this charity.  We weren't aloud to photograph the dogs but  they all looked longing at us as we passed their kennels (which was a little heart breaking) and of course we then went upstairs to see all the cats and kittens. 

Finally that evening we stayed with my friend Chrissie who was celebrating her birthday with a great group of women, many of whom I hadn't seen for a while. The next day it was home.

Treatment update

I haven't done a treatment update for sometime, as there has been nothing really to tell, I finished the herceptin in March and then the day the girls broke up for half term I went in for my last bit of surgery my "designer nipples." this was a small day surgery operation done under a general anaesthetic to reconstruct the nipple, tattoo the areola, and remove the ports (which had been used to expand the implants)  Of course there was the usual list of possible complications, but I feel lucky to say it all went very well and I'm very pleased.  I have one follow up appointment in a couple of weeks and then thats me totally finished.  Hooray!!

Thursday, 7 June 2018


I've had fun recently putting together a range of sparkly accessories to sell at my forthcoming events. Although getting Bella to model as a thirteen year old, extremely self concious teenager can be challenging at times

Star head/hair bands 

feather and glitter crowns, fastened with ribbons

Magic wands


Birthday age rosettes

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Our half term took us to London and beyond, to stay with friends and see the sights. We took a stroll to Buckingham Palace, through St James Park, had lunch at Ed's Diner, some delicious street food in Portobello Road, and a visit to friends in Amersham where we had a couple of hours at the Roald Dahl museum and an evening spent celebrating a friends birthday.  


And even though we enjoy going away, and we do very much. In the words of Dorothy "there's no place like home" and as the sun shone it felt like we were on our holidays all over again, with visits to the beach with friends, barbecues, belly-boarding and evenings by the river.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Its been over a month since my last post and so to bring my blog up to date here is a brief synopsis of what has happened since. 

I finally turned 50, and we thought we needed to celebrate that, plus finishing treatment and getting over cancer last year, so I had a party at The Bronx Bar in Teignmouth. I invited friends from far and wide, and luckily with the second bout of snow forecast everyone made it, but by Sunday the snow was coming down thick and fast and delayed some getting home. Although I say it myself it was a great party and quite emotional realising how many friends I actually had!!

Although I've been celebrating, I have managed to keep making and that includes these cute up cycled Anorak fabric sleeveless, and short sleeve bunny dresses.

New oilcloth designs for the Bella Bags

and these cute bright animal print dresses 

and also having some fun making up these big tote bags with some left over pieces of vintage woven fabric.

So now to get myself back into work mode and to start getting my stock levels up for the fairs I've booked over the Summer.