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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


It was a bit of an Orla Kiely stem print kind of week. 

and a little bit of bird print too. 

Love this french banana fabric, has a bit of a pop art feel. 

Just when we thought Spring was on it's was along comes storm Emma, hitting the South West with strong winds and snow.

What a treat, thick snow. School was closed for two days. We  bought a sledge and headed into town, meeting up with friends and enjoying the snow. 

First milestone this week was my 50th birthday. Very happy to have reached 50. On reflection I've had a great 50 years, I've lived at 21 addresses in 11 different towns and cities, visited 13 countries, had 6 jobs, started my own business, married a wonderful man, had two beautiful daughters, lucky enough to have lots of amazing friends, and beat cancer twice. So, I'm really very happy to be 50

The second was finishing my cancer maintenance treatment. I've had 12 further Herceptin treatments since finishing my 6 initial chemotherapy sessions.  So after visiting this unit regularly for a year it was goodbye. Mixed emotions as I left, saying goodbye to the amazing, dedicated staff, but also hoping that I never have to come back through these doors. 

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